Which tarot card represents your relationship in this period of time?

In this period of time, your relationship is represented by the minor arcana XV The Devil, a card that symbolizes seduction power.

In which stage is your relationship?

Your relationship is going through a very special phase in which both of you struggle to set the rules in the game of love. You try to obtain full control and sometimes you abuse the seduction power that you have over your partner. Your partner might play hard-to-get and make you desperate for closeness. The sexual chemistry is very intense in your relationship, as it was from the second you’ve met. 

What dangers can be seen in the future?

The power struggle between you won’t lead to good things; your communication and sexual life might suffer because of it. You have to learn to love each other without imposing your will on your partner. You should be kinder and more considerate towards your sweetheart.  

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