In the spring of 2018 you have to be very careful because you will meet a selfish person who will want to take advantage of you. You have good friends and they will help you stay away from trouble. It is in your best interest to focus on work and be careful when you meet new people during the first months of the year.

The summer months will bring you fun and adventure. You will participate to a wedding or party where you will flirt with an attractive Sagittarius zodiac sign native. That flirt might turn into something more serious if given the chance; don’t miss out on the excellent opportunity and get to know each other better.

The last 3 months of the year are special and very favorable for love and commitment. A long term relationship will beautifully develop from a genuine friendship. Schedule several candle lit date nights with your significant other during the last weeks of the year and you will witness your love blooming into passion.


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