Who were you in a past life? 10 Page Karmic Reading

karmic2The concept of reincarnation is not a new one but it is very  controversial in our Era. There are people who believe in reincarnation, others who don’t believe and and a third category who are not sure what position to take. Because there are not enough scientific evidence to explain what happens with our soul when we die, the concept of reincarnation is still open for debate.

If you are curious about the topic, you should try our excellent karmic astrology reading to discover who were you in a past life.

Special offer: If you order now the “Who were you in a past life (astrology Karmic reading)” you can put 3 questions about your past life and karma to our astrologer for FREE! 

6954880-butterfly-on-blue-stone_wideThe Karmic Reading is based on your birth date. The astrologer reads the karmic indicators in your Birth Chart and based on them can tell you who were you in a past life:

  • if you were a woman or man in your past life;
  • in which geographical area and period you lived in your past life;
  • details about the family, love life, career and financial situation you had in your past life;
  • your spiritual development and spiritual lessons that you failed in your past life and you have to learn in the current life;
  • the personality traits, strengths, talents and weaknesses that you might have in the current life and which originate in your past life experiences;
  • your current good and bad karma and your spiritual lessons.

What our customers say about the Past Life Karmic Reading:

If you get the karmic reading about your past life, you might discover very interesting things about yourself, life our customers did:

karmic7Sara, woman, 22 years old. “My mom always said that I am a social butterfly and I love being in the spotlight. It came as a shock when I read about my past life and it described that I had a rich social life and I was always in the spotlight in my past life. No wonder that I sometimes still miss that life! Thank you for your excellent karmic reading ! My mom said she totally recognized me in the description made by the astrologer. Now she is curious about her own past life!”

Susan, woman, 45 years old: “I’ve never thought that an astrologer who never met me, who doesn’t know who I am and how I look, can tell me so many things only based on my birth date. It seems that my fears and problems this life have their root in my past life. Very interesting reading, I recommend it to everyone.”

karmic5William, man, age 36: “I am a very organized person who prefers to live a simple life. The Karmic Reading revealed that in my past life I lived in a monastery. I think that what the astrologer saw in my birth date and karmic astrology chart is true, because when I visited a monastery in one of my trips I truly felt at peace in that place. I want to get a karmic reading for my loved ones as well. “

Rebeca, woman, age 32: karmic3“I ordered the karmic report because I had only misfortunes in my relationships. I figured I have a bad karma in love life. I wondered what was I in my past life, what could I possibly done that I struggle now with so much bad luck when it comes to men. I try to understand why I have difficulties finding true love. The reading was excellent, very interesting and brilliant. Now everything makes sense in my life. Thank you for your advice regarding how to make my karma better in love life.”

The Past Life Karmic Reading is an amazing karmic reading that you won’t find in other places.  The information in the Past Life Karmic Reading might be exactly what you need right now in your life.

If you believe in serendipity, that are no accidents in life but everything happens for a reason, it means that there was no accident that you found our website with our special offer: it was meant to be so you can have access to fantastic information about your past life.


Either you believe in reincarnation or you are just curious to see what a Past Life karmic reading could tell about you, you should book a reading right now to take advantage of our unique special offer: If you order now the “Who were you in a past life (astrology Karmic reading)” you can put 3 questions about your past life and karma to our astrologer for FREE! 

Get your astrology reading today!


Place your order and make the payment and then send an e-mail to office@compatibilityzodiac.com with the proof of payment. Once you made the payment, you can download (either in Rich Text Format or JPG) a document called “Who Were You in a Past Life Karmic Reading CLIENT FORM”. Fill out the form with your birth date and your 3 questions for our astrologer and send it to us. 

karmic Who were you in a past life – Karmic reading

PRICE: CAD 423 $

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The answers to the astrology reading you order will be posted in our ANSWERS page on the website, 3-7 business days after we receive your order.
If you want your answer to be sent privately and not posted on our website, you can choose private reading and it will be sent to the e-mail address you provide. The private e-mail astrology reading costs an additional CAD 10 $

TOTAL: CAD 179 $

Each  reading is custom made and thus there are no refunds. You will receive a unique astrological reading made only for you based on the birth date you provide. The only exception when we offer a refund is when we couldn’t honor your order due to a technical issue. Please read our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Disclaimer.


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