Which planet protects your relationship in 2018?

Venus in the planet that protects your relationship in 2018 and encourages you to get close physically: give a hug to your sweetheart each time you meet, hold hands when you are walking on the street, kiss at least for 10 minutes daily, do a massage to each other whenever it is possible and make love at least four times a week. The physical closeness will make you feel happier, less stressed and healthier.

Is 2018 a good year for your relationship?

In 2018 long distance relationships will be difficult to maintain but relationships in which the partners are close physically will blossom. Spend more time kissing and you will have a great year!

Questions you should ask yourself in 2018:

– Do you feel uncomfortable with physical closeness in your relationship?

Talk about your problem with your partner, it might be all you need! Do only what you feel comfortable with. Keep in mind that gentle physical contact most often can help ease your stress. If your partner makes you feel uncomfortable, you should talk to a specialist.

– Do you suspect that your partner is cheating?

If you have any suspicion, investigate the situation. Try to find out if your partner is lying. Do not stay in a relationship in which you are not loved, respected and cherished.
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