The “YES or NO” Tarot Reading

7029137-book-roses-flowers-petals-watchThe “YES or NO” Tarot Reading is perfect for you if you have to take an important and urgent decision, especially if you want to take a decision that, for any personal reason, you don’t want to discuss with friends or relatives, or you want a second opinion.

Having an expert in tarot offering you an insight in your situation based on the ancient wisdom of the tarot cards it is a rare occasion that you can have. 

7029601-bamboo-stoneGetting a professional tarot reading might be the best thing that can happen to you right now.

The “YES or NO” tarot reading brings you the wisdom of the tarot cards and can help you all areas of your life.

You should get this tarot reading if:

  • you plan a big change in your life
  • you have to take a decision regarding your career
  • you are unsure what to do in your love life
  • you are searching for solutions to solve your problems
  • you want to do right things in your life
  • you need to take an urgent decision
  • you  think your friends and relatives are subjective and you want a completely objective opinion (a tarot card reading is perfect for you in this case).
  • when you don’t know what to do


Place your order and make the payment and then send an e-mail to with the proof of payment and a short story of the problem for which you need the tarot reading. Add as many details as you consider necessary. Once you made the payment, you can download (either in Rich Text Format or JPG) a document called “The YES or NO tarot reading CLIENT FORM”. Fill out the form and send it to us, or use it as a guideline.

 11_hh  The “YES or NO” Tarot Reading


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You will receive the answers to the tarot reading you ordered on the e-mail address that you provide,  3 to  7 business days after we receive your order.

Each tarot reading is custom made and thus there are no refunds. You will receive a unique reading made only for you each time you pay for a tarot reading. The only exception when we offer a refund is when we couldn’t honor your order due to a technical issue. Please read our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Disclaimer.

What our customers say about the “YES or NO tarot reading”:

Josh, man, age 34: “I got this amazing job opportunity abroad but since it has its downsides too, I wasn’t sure what to do about it. I had to give a quick answer and the pressure I felt made me unable to think clearly and reach for a decision. Having the “YES or NO” tarot reading was a huge help. I recommend this tarot reading to everyone.”

6824481-love-picturesKevin, man, 26 years old: “My best friend’s sister and me are very attracted to each other but I stay away from her because I don’t want to ruin my friendship with my best friend. Lately, she was sending me more and more clues that she wants to be intimate with me. I was unsure if I should sleep with her or not. I didn’t want to discuss this topic with my friends because I wanted a completely objective opinion about my situation and that’s when I decided to take the “Yes or No” tarot reading. It helped me weight my options and it made me realise that there were more things to consider regarding my situation than I initially thought. I found this reading very useful.”

6935428-beach-couple-kissVanessa, woman, age 29:I’ve got a crush on my boss and he is sending me signals that it might be a mutual attraction. Soon it will be this huge party and I don’t know what should I do if he wants to kiss me. Of course I don’t want to discuss this topic with my family or friends because they will judge me. I took the “YES or NO” tarot reading to feel prepared for any situation at the party, just in case :) I was very surprised when my boss behaved at the party exactly as it was described in the tarot reading that he will do. Thank you for your excellent tarot readings!”

11_hhThe tarot cards “speak” through their images and symbols and an experienced tarot reader has no problem in understanding their message. With more than 700 cases solved, we offer you high quality professional tarot readings.

  If you never had a tarot reading, this is the perfect moment to start! We got amazing deals and great sales which means that you can save money on your favourite tarot readings. Offer yourself a unique gift and you might discover that, like many of our customers, you really enjoy getting a tarot reading daily.

You should make tarot readings part of your life.

This is why we are here: to make your life better, more fun and more interesting.

Get your reading today!

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