Why is your sweetheart ignoring you?

The major arcana The Fool represents your situation in love life in this period of time. This tarot card symbolizes lack of commitment and ignorance.

Your sweetheart’s behavior makes you feel sometimes like a fool, because his actions and words are contradicting each other and he confuses you. One day he is very affectionate, the other day he is cold as ice, so who could understand this type of behavior? You have all the reasons to feel hurt and disoriented.

He draws you towards him, just to push you away again. The tarot card indicates that he is completely ignorant regarding the pain that he causes you. If you try to confront him, he will say he is innocent, because he doesn’t understand the negative way in which he affects you.

The tarot card indicates that he doesn’t want to commit now to the type of relationship you desire.

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