You and your sweetheart are born under the same zodiac sign, ruled by the planet Jupiter. Your emotional connection is special. It is easy for you to understand your partner’s feelings, needs and desires.

You fall in love with each other because you feel such deep emotional and spiritual connection from the first moment you meet.

You are both independent, adventurous, smart and passionate. You work hard and you are loyal to your families.  

Deep in your heart, you both hope to have a beautiful family to love and children to care for. Together, you feel ready to conquer the world and make your dreams come true.

What should you do when you encounter small problems in your marriage?

When you encounter small problems in your couple you should wait a few days until you both cool down and you are capable to see the situation with more clarity. Most often, when you gain some clarity, you will discover unexpected solutions.

Which are the circumstances when you should consider a divorce? 

If your partner is physically violent or sexually abusive, is addicted to alcohol or drugs or takes advantage of your money, trust and love, you are in a dangerous relationship and should seek help as soon as possible. Even if your sweetheart’s zodiac sign is compatible with yours, keep in mind that no one should behave abusively with another person. A relationship blossoms into something beautiful only if both partners take good care of it.

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