Personalised Astro-Compatibility Report

6783390-couple-wallpaperAll we need is your birth date and your significant other’s birth date to tell you how compatible you are, what are the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship and which love lesson you have to learn together!

Are you meant to be together? Was your meeting written in the stars? Discover how to make your relationship work!

The Astro – Compatibility Reading includes:

  • your emotional compatibility with your partner
  • your sexual compatibility with your partner
  • your intellectual compatibility with your partner
  • your spiritual and karmic compatibility with your partner
  • your long term compatibility with your partner
  • the love lesson you have to learn together


Place your order and make the payment and then send an e-mail to with the proof of payment and a short story of your romantic situation and your most important question.  Once you made the payment, you can download a document in JPG format called “Astrology Zodiac Love Compatibility Reading CLIENT FORM”. Use the form as a guideline.

compatibilityzodiacPersonalised Astro – Compatibility Report

PRICE: CAD 129 $

You will receive the answers to the astrology reading you ordered on the e-mail address that you provide,  3 to  7 business days after we receive your order. 

Each  reading is custom made and thus there are no refunds. You will receive a unique astrological reading made only for you based on the birth date you provide. The only exception when we offer a refund is when we couldn’t honor your order due to a technical issue. Please read our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Disclaimer.

What our customers say:

Alexis, woman, age 21: “I was amazed how well the Compatibility Report described our relationship and the chemistry between us. I liked that it included a sexual compatibility part as well as a long term prediction for our couple. Excellent astrology reading! Thank you!”

Rebecca, woman, age 36 : “The love lesson were very helpful. It improved my relationship!”

Michelle, woman, age 27 : “Very interesting reading! I read it together with my partner and we were fascinated! I knew we match well but having a compatibility report that confirms that it makes me feel very confident about our future together. Our wedding is in 2 months and I cannot be happier! Thank you for your compatibility report, it calmed my nerves before the wedding.”



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