Why is your sweetheart ignoring you?

The minor arcana Nine of Wands represents your situation in love life in this period of time. This tarot card symbolizes anxiety and doubts. The situation between you and your sweetheart is uncertain; your relationship faces a set of challenges. 

He avoids you because he is afraid that if things won’t go out well between you, he will have a lot to lose. He finds it easier to do nothing about the situation than to overcome his fears.

Chances are that his family or his friends warned him regarding you: they might told him that you are not good enough for him and that your relationship is more trouble than it’s worth.

Your recent behaviour was less than perfect and your sweetheart might have his own doubts regarding you and your relationship. You might regret your mistakes but it will be difficult to convince your sweetheart to give another chance to your relationship. Even if it will be difficult to win back your sweetheart’s love and respect, it is not impossible.

Your situation is very complicated and you have to think about what you lose and what you gain if you keep fighting for this relationship.

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