The year 2018 starts with many surprises. Two unexpected events during spring will focus your attention on your career and a third one will leave you speechless because a coworker will unintentionally reveal hidden feelings for you. Even though you will be very busy at work, you might still have an innocent flirt but without any serious consequences.

During the summer you should find a better work – life balance, for your own sake. It is time to take some important decisions in your personal life that can’t be delayed anymore.

During the last months of 2018 you will take big steps towards finding emotional fulfillment and personal satisfaction in every area of your life. Your family will help you with good advice.

If you are single then this article is for you: Will I find love in 2018?

If you are already in a relationship you will find this article useful: Relationship Compatibility in 2018 for all zodiac signs.


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