Your relationship starts with a playful flirt and a seduction game that will keep both of you interested, excited and wanting for more.

Your partner’s body language might change in your presence and might send you subtle signals of arousal. When you glance in each other’s eyes, there is only one thing on your mind: to explore the taste of  sweetheart’s lips.

You will wait for the perfect moment to kiss. The waiting will be more like a game of seduction, a long moment to raise anticipation: and you won’t be disappointed!

Because what starts like a game, continues in full blown passion! When your lips will touch, it will leave you breathless. Neither of you might have imagined that your kissing compatibility can be such a great one.

You won’t get enough of the kissing game. You will want to fully explore the feelings that kissing your partner can offer you.

Kissing tips:

Slowly lick your lower lip when you look into your partner’s eyes. Your moist lip will look desirable and ready to be kisses. Keep your eyes on your partner and smile. Your playful attitude will have a very powerful seduction effect.

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