couple_astrocompatibility21Who protects your relationship in 2018?

Pluton protects your relationship in 2018 and encourages you to make big changes. It is an important year for your relationship. Forget your worries and dare to come up with life changing proposals to your partner.

Is 2018 a good year for your relationship?

2018 is a year in which you should be actively involved in the development of your relationship, otherwise your relationship will suffer. Make time for each other and do things together.  

Questions you should ask yourself in 2018:

– Are you actively involved in the wellbeing of your partner?

It takes two to tango. If you not help each other achieve happiness and fulfilment in life, neither of you will be happy.

– Does your partner have serious issues (for example addictions or anger management problems) with which you can’t help?

If yes, seek help from family, friends and professionals.

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