He ignores you? Find out why!

 Your sweetheart doesn’t return your calls, spends little time in your company, he is cold and distant and you are probably worried about his odd behaviour. Does he avoid you purposely or not?

What caused the sudden change in his behaviour? What could have possibly gone wrong in your relationship that you ended up in such an undesirable situation?

Maybe your sweetheart refuses communication or gives you shallow answers to your questions. A tarot reading could be useful in such a situation.

A tarot reading can give you insight in the reasons behind your sweetheart’s odd behaviour and describe unseen aspects that have an influence on your relationship. We offer you the possibility to order a professional tarot reading, but if you want to test the tarot cards wisdom we also offer you a quick FREE version, for which you should follow the instructions below:

 FREE tarot reading “He ignores you? Find out why!” INSTRUCTIONS:

Follow the next two steps:

1. Take a few moments to think about your sweetheart, about your recent relationship difficulties and your sweetheart’s odd behaviour. Look at the pictures below and select the tarot card with which you feel a special connection. Don’t overthink your decision, let your intuition guide you. Click on the picture to read the interpretation of the card. The card you choose will give you the answer to you questions. After you read the interpretation, go to the second step below.






















2. Take another moment to think about your sweetheart and this time focus on the love you feel for that person. Then take a look at the back of the cards and choose the one that attracts you the most; because all pictures are the same, let your intuition guide you! Click on a card to read the interpretations. This second card will give you added details about your situation and might bring important information.
























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