You and your sweetheart are born under the same zodiac sign, ruled by the planet Mercury. Your emotional connection is special. It is easy for you to understand your partner’s feelings, needs and desires.

You don’t need special occasions to feel special in the company of each other. You are capable to turn a boring day into a fun one.

You get along very well with each other and you know what your partner would appreciate to do on a date. The communication in your couple goes smoothly, at least most of the times.

As no relationship is perfect, you will also encounter a few difficulties, but you can not stay much time away from the other: even after many years together you still need each other’s company with the same burning desire as in the beginning.

What should you do when you encounter small problems in your marriage?

You should face the small problems that you might encounter in your couple you should with humour. Life isn’t always smooth and you shouldn’t overreact the small problems. Search for the funny side of a difficult situation and enjoy a good laugh together.

Which are the circumstances when you should consider a divorce?

If your partner is physically violent or sexually abusive, is addicted to alcohol or drugs or takes advantage of your money, trust and love, you are in a dangerous relationship and should seek help as soon as possible. Even if your sweetheart’s zodiac sign is compatible with yours, keep in mind that no one should behave abusively with another person. A relationship blossoms into something beautiful only if both partners take good care of it.

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