Who protects your relationship in 2018?

The Moon protects your relationship in 2018 and encourages you to bring more romance in your relationship. You should make your dates special and add variety to your weekly relationship routine. Add some spice to your love life by doing something spontaneous together.

Is 2018 a good year for your relationship?

2018 is a year in which you can build a long lasting emotional bond with your sweetheart. You can create a beautiful home and a sweet family life together if you learn to take in consideration your partner’s needs as well as yours.

Questions you should ask yourself in 2018:

– Are you being emotionally distant with your partner?

Open your heart to your sweetheart and you will be happier together.

– Is your partner emotionally distant?

If yes, discover what causes this problem before your relationship falls apart. With a good communication, you can find solutions together.

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