Free Online Relationship Tarot Reading

A tarot card reading can reveal many interesting things about your relationship. We offer you the possibility to order a professional tarot reading, but if you want to test the tarot cards wisdom we also offer you a quick FREE version, for which you should follow the instructions below:

 FREE online tarot reading INSTRUCTIONS:

Follow the steps as described below:

1. Take a few moments to think about your sweetheart and about the type of relationship you desire to have. Look at the pictures below and select the tarot card with which you feel a special connection. Don’t overthink your decision, let your intuition guide you. Click on the picture to read the interpretation of the card. The card you choose will give you information about the current state of your relationship, its strength and weaknesses. After you read the interpretation, go to the second step below.




























2. Take another moment to think about your sweetheart and focus on the love you feel for that person. Then take a look at the back of the cards and choose the one that attracts you the most; because all pictures are the same, let your intuition guide you! Click on a card to read the interpretations. This second card will give you added details about your situation and might bring important information.




























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