Why is your sweetheart ignoring you?

The minor arcana Four of Pentacles represents your situation in love life in this period of time. This tarot card symbolizes a need to control everything.

Your sweetheart has difficulties to open his heart to selfless love because he feels the need to constantly be in control. Right now, by avoiding you he feels that he has the control over your relationship, that he sets the rules in the game of love and you have no other option left than to obey to those rules.

He has a materialistic side of his personality and he is afraid that by spending more time with you, he will lose precious time or money. His career and his money might mean a lot to him. He has difficulties in being generous with his time, his love and his possessions.

While you try to help him open up to new experiences, you might become frustrated by his defensive style. He might have difficulty letting go of an old relationship; he didn’t yet recover from his last break-up and he has difficulties letting go of the old feelings and memories.   

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