Why is your sweetheart ignoring you?

The minor arcana Eight of Cups represents your situation in love life in this period of time. This tarot card symbolizes sadness and transition.

There have been several changes in your sweetheart’s life and he goes through a period of evolution and growth. His life is not anymore the same as it was several months ago.

Those changes force him to take difficult decisions, choices he would have rather not make. The tarot card shows that he has feelings for you, feelings that he tries to ignore. He is sad that your romance couldn’t continue the way it was, but his life turned in completely different directions than he expected and he cannot continue your romance the way it was.

Things are different now than it was when you met him, and chances are that he is also a different person, maybe not anymore the man you felt in love with. Could you love the “new” him? Could you find a place in his “new” life? These are questions he is asking himself, but his situation is so complicated that he doesn’t want to drag you in the drama of his life.

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