Are you YIN or YANG ?

The two fundamental opposite energies: Yin and Yang coexist in the zodiac.  Among the twelve zodiac signs, six of them are Yin and the other six are Yang.  The Yin energy is described as female, negative, black color, indirect, passive, receptive, introverted. A person born in Yin zodiac sign tends to be good listener, sensitive and empathetic. The

How to seduce a man based on his zodiac sign?

Astrologically, there are three zodiac sign groups (cardinal, fixed and mutable zodiac signs) based on their basic traits and qualities of the zodiac signs.  Cardinal zodiac sign men are independent and adventurous, Fixed zodiac sign men are patient and loyal, while Mutable zodiac sign men enjoy the game of seduction and love to have fun. Find out in which group belongs the man

“The Magic Moon” Tarot Reading

           Have you ever wondered what is your sweetheart TRULY feeling for you? Does your significant other still love you? Is your partner REALLY attracted to you? What will HAPPEN next in your relationship? How to make your relationship work?            “The Magic Moon” tarot reading brings you a great insight in the inner