Libra (24 September – 23 October) is a Yang polarity zodiac sign.

What does it mean to be a Yang zodiac sign?

Yang zodiac sign natives love to travel, to explore new ideas and to talk with people. Many Yang zodiac sign natives are extroverts, but even the few ones that are introverts, still have moments when they crave for adventure. As a Yang zodiac sign native you prefer to talk about your problems with your friends instead of being alone in difficult times; you prefer social activities for your week-ends and you do not need much time alone. 

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Yang zodiac signs at work

Jobs in which you can travel are excellent for you. You can find satisfaction also in jobs in which you work with people: hairstylist, waiter / waitress, social worker, customer service and so on. You are not afraid to take risks and entrepreneurship might fit you well. You thrive in competitive areas, for example a career in sports might bring you satisfaction if you are the athletic type. There are many jobs in which you can shine due to your talents and passion.

Yang zodiac signs in love and relationship

You are spontaneous in love life. You want to find the Big Love and you are ready to do everything for it. Your passion and energy makes you a good partner, who invests a lot of feelings in the relationship. You need a partner with whom you can talk about your problems, interests and projects; a partner who is willing to believe in you and in the special connection you have. 

YANG zodiac signs compatibility

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