sweet6Your sweetheart belongs to the Fixed zodiac signs group (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are all  Fixed zodiac signs). He is a sensual lover, who feels comfortable in the game of seduction. He is relaxed and confident because he knows that his natural charisma and effortless charm will attract the woman he loves.

He likes sweet and smart girls. Don’t force yourself to look more confident then you actually feel, because he doesn’t like it when a girl pretends to be something that she is not. He appreciates honesty.

Advice of the stars:

  • You should tap into your inner goddess and use some powerful and subtle seduction techniques. Start by getting a new haircut, a good perfume and be sexy and mysterious.
  • When he talks to you, answer with a smile. Show him how happy you are to be in his company and tell him how much you cherish each moment together. Make him feel special and you will soon become someone very special for him!



couple_astrocompatibility10Make your first date a fantastic one! In our guide you will find seven practical advice for your first date with the Scorpio zodiac sign man:

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