sweet4Your sweetheart belongs to the Mutable zodiac sign group (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces are all Mutable zodiac signs). He is a smart and funny guy, who enjoys the game of seduction and also masters it!

Communication is very important for him in a relationship: he is a good listener, but expects to be listened as well.

Be honest with this man and don’t play games with him. Chances are that he will fall in love with his best friend, a person with whom he has a fantastic emotional and intellectual connection.

Advice of the stars:

  • In order to make him fall in love with you try to become his best friend and be there for him in difficult moments.
  • Flirt, joke and make him laugh whenever you can, lift up his mood when he has a bad day and he will quickly fall in love with your smile. He will need your company as much as he needs his morning coffee, the fresh air or a good video-game…




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couple_astrocompatibility03The Pisces zodiac sign man is flirtatious, mysterious and loving. Download our guide that includes seven practical astrological advice  to improve your relationship with a Pisces zodiac sign man:


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