sweet5The man you love belongs to the Cardinal zodiac signs group (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are all cardinal zodiac signs). He is honest and straightforward. He doesn’t hide his feelings, he will tell you his likes and dislikes. Be it a good or a bad emotion, he will show you how he feels about a situation and about you. He enjoys taking initiatives and will always try to be in control in the game of seduction. 

You don’t have to bother with complicate seduction strategies to make this man fall in love with you. If you feel a connection with him then chances are he is already interested in you, maybe even in love with you. A Cardinal zodiac sign native believes in love at first sight and will always follow his intuition.

The advice of the stars:

  • Show him that he made the best decision when he set eyes on you and that you won’t disappoint him.
  • Make him  further interested in you; tell him that you have many amazing qualities that he has yet to discover… and he will be eager to do so!



couple_astrocompatibility10Make your first date a fantastic one! In our guide you will find seven practical advice for your first date with the Cancer zodiac sign man:

couple_astrocompatibility03The Cancer zodiac sign man is sweet, romantic and excellent partner. Download our guide that includes seven practical astrological advice  to improve your relationship with a Cancer zodiac sign man:


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