winter1You should spend your holiday searching for inner peace. 

Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer are Yin zodiac signs. Many Yin zodiac sign natives are introvert, but even those who enjoy the busy time of Winter holidays still need some privacy.

Make sure you have plenty of “me-time” scheduled in your holiday program, quiet moments when you can curl up under a blanket with a good book, take a long bubble bath or watch a great movie. Catch snowflakes on your tongue: winter is a magical time of the year!

Social activities that you should try during the winter holidays are: play video-games with your friends, watch a local hockey game with your family, complete a jigsaw puzzle with your children (or your nice and nephew) and go out for a brunch with your sweetheart.

Search for inner peace: meditate, journal, read, paint or play an instrument. You should be calmer and happier after spending the winter holidays in such a way that enriches your inner life. 

At home, wear fuzzy slippers and flannel pajamas; they are cozy, warm and comfortable and you will feel relaxed and joyful during your holidays.

Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer are Water zodiac signs. You will enjoy tasting new flavors of hot drinks: be bold in your selection of teas, hot-chocolates, lattes and coffees: try something different than your usual. Get plenty of liquids: eat soups, drink teas and you will feel healthy and ready for new adventures!

How do you like to spend your winter holidays? What is your favorite winter beverage? Do you like shopping for gifts? Do you decorate your home for the winter holidays? Leave a comment in the comment section of the main article and let us know!

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