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Now you have the possibility to order a 10 page Birth Chart Astrology Report.

We need your birth date and we will tell you if you

Have you been born under a lucky star? Are you destined for great things? Will you encounter many problems in your life? Is love, money or fame part of your destiny? You might wonder about such questions and the answers for these can be found in your Birth Chart. The Birth Chart is an astrological reading based on the birth date of a person. This astrological reading analysis the strengths, weaknesses, difficulties and luck that might be part of your life.

Special offer: If you order the Birth Chart Astrology Reading you can put 3 questions about your destiny to our astrologer for FREE! 

7011131-3d-backgrounds-wallpaperMaybe your life was already written in the stars before you were born. If you don’t get your Birth Chart Astrological Reading you will never know how many situations in your life were fate (predestined) and what in your life was the result of your free will and choices.

You might discover that you have talents you were not aware of, like in the case of Christina:

Christina, woman, age 32: “For me, reading my Birth Chart astrological report led to huge discoveries: I understood that I have strengths that I was not aware of and I wasn’t using them.  Now I feel empowered and confident.”

In the Birth Chart astrological report you can find information about the health issues that you are prone to have based on your birth date. Being aware of the health problem in advance can help you avoid them.

6828908-angel-wallpaperKimberly, woman, age 56: “I love Astrology and I am interested in every piece of information I can get I can get my hands on about my destiny. I enjoyed the Birth Chart Astrology Reading because it has plenty of useful information and covered all the topics that interest me: love, money, health and travel.”

Indeed, if you want a complete astrological report you should choose the Birth Chart Astrological Reading because the astrological report covers all aspects of life: marriage, family, career, money, travel and health.

A Birth Chart Astrological Reading can bring you many useful information. Lisa, woman, age 42: “I ordered the Birth Chart Astrological Reading and I am so happy that I did!  It is fantastic! I cannot think of a better gift for oneself or your loved ones.”

34242923_2You will want a Birth Chart Astrological Report for your children! Stephanie, woman, age 39: “I had my Birth Chart Astrological Report and I was very pleased. Now I cannot wait to get one for each of my children, I am so curious what kind of destiny will they have.” 

This is a one of a kind reading that you should get as soon as possible. The Birth Chart Astrological Report is filled with rich information about your life and destiny based on the ancient wisdom of astrology.

7032232-space-wallpaper-widescreenAstrology is a powerful tool for anyone interested in self-development. David, man, age 38: “The Birth Chart Astrology Reading not just satisfied my curiosity but also answered my questions about my purpose on Earth.”

Do you want to live a happier life? Then the Birth Chart Astrological Reading is a must!

Get your astrology reading today and take advantage of our special offer: if you order the Birth Chart Astrology Reading you can put 3 questions about your destiny to our astrologer for FREE! 


Place your order and make the payment and then send an e-mail to office@compatibilityzodiac.com with the proof of payment. Once you made the payment, you can download (either in Rich Text Format or JPG) a document called “Birth Chart Astrology Reading CLIENT FORM”. Fill out the form with your birth date and your 3 questions for our astrologer and send it to us. 

 birthchart Birth Chart Astrology Reading

PRICE: CAD 347 $

NOW 60% OFF, ONLY CAD 139 $

You save CAD 208 $


The answers to the astrology reading you order will be posted in our ANSWERS page on the website, 3-7 business days after we receive your order.
If you want your Birth Chart Reading to be sent privately and not posted on our website, you can choose private reading and it will be sent to the e-mail address you provide. The private e-mail astrology reading costs an additional CAD 10 $

TOTAL: CAD 149 $

Each  reading is custom made and thus there are no refunds. You will receive a unique astrological reading made only for you based on the birth date you provide. The only exception when we offer a refund is when we couldn’t honor your order due to a technical issue. Please read our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Disclaimer.


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